hey all~

Hey all,

How’s everything going? The holiday season is here already! what’s  up to ?

havn’t updated for a reli long time . I was doing nothing  in the past few months.

What’s on my mind now?

When could I financially independent?

When could I activley doing sth rather than complaining all the time?

I wish when I embrace 2011, questions could be answered.

I’m sure I could .

A new cake I’ve made ,from PH’s recipe.

Chocolate Dome.

I think I just love the texture of the cake .

see the side look?  I tried to sprinkle the powdered almond along the “boundry” ,but failed. so I just made some random lines to connect .

en…..we  ate them at a japanese restaurant.

and we were charged for $5 dollars.

sounds odd!!!

I should ask my frz to come over my place and eat them for free!!!


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