messed up my MGT exam

wut de hell.
Never met such a stupid TA.
I wrote over time after the time was up...
Then I got the warn.
Got an Academic penalty...
scared to tell parents.
Dun noe wuts going on..may fail in de stupid MGT course...
b4 that,there is a hearing......
I messed up everything...
still have 3 exams to go..
2 are in de same day,just 1 hours break between de 2.
whicch means I have to rush to another place to take
de other ONE day...
Gonna die......

Feel like a shit.

de only thing I noe is,
I may change my air ticket........

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3 Responses to messed up my MGT exam

  1. Liping says:

    everything gonna be ok~i believe u can go through it!!
    take a break!~~ha

  2. Ariel says:

    life could get so nasty! hold on!

  3. fifi says:

    亲爱的雀 加油啊!!相信你!!

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