Everybody went out to enjoy the fireworks at English Bay.
But I choose to stay at home and study,
just because the 2 final Exams are coming.
I dont wanna fail,even the mark is not that important to me.
But I wanna try my best in these 2 Exams,though I will never back here.
Just wanna leave something...Which just belongs to me.

Beautiful fireworks~.

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2 Responses to fireworks

  1. Michael says:

    mmm… very strong-minded person you are, having sacrificed your only chance of ever seeing the glamourous fireworks held in vancouver.  for that, i give you my sincere congratulations.  never seek abeyance toward the fortitude of your will and good luck on your exams! i\’m sure the results will be rewarding.   long live the fireworks.  cheers!

  2. Tracy says:

    不会有问题的 放心吧!
    等下个月咱俩一起上课的时候 我得好好跟你学学
    我好久好久没有上学 现在都成半个傻子了

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